Biden Unveils NEW RULES For The Border – Is This A Reversal?

( – Title 42 ends on May 11. Joe Biden, to create the illusion that he will have control over the border, has decided to impose new, sweeping policies this week that would reject asylum for the vast majority of people captured crossing the border illegally.

It is nearly identical to a policy introduced by the Trump administration and criticized by Biden at the time.

To enter the United States legally, migrants must stop in another nation, such as Mexico, and apply for refugee status there; those who don’t meet the requirements risk being sent packing.

It is doubtful that Biden will deport anyone.

The law’s introduction coincides with a sharp increase in illegal border crossings. The Border Patrol apprehended an average of more than 8,700 migrants per day, up significantly from the monthly average of 5,200 in March.

The new regulations will be challenged in court, but they represent a significant shift in asylum policy that would, ostensibly, prevent thousands of people from crossing the border legally. This would be a 180-degree turn for President Biden, who ran on a platform of easing migrants’ access to the U.S. asylum system after the Trump administration made it more difficult.

Only migrants with “exceptionally compelling circumstances” can satisfy the new, more stringent requirements. People with life-threatening medical conditions, those who face great danger in Mexico, and victims of severe human trafficking all fall into this category.

Thousands crossed into the United States on Tuesday, and the same was likely to happen on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, authorities placed a yellow rope across the river to help the migrants cross to the other side without being swept away.

At a news conference on Monday, Democratic Governor of Arizona Katie Hobbs raised concerns about the Biden administration’s readiness for the end of the COVID-era public health policy. She said Biden had not provided an “adequate response” to her letters outlining the necessary action in her border state.

She added that after Title 42 is completed, the border issue will only get ‘worse’ if nothing is done to help.

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