Biden’s Controversial Message to Gun Owners

( – President Joe Biden recently issued a controversial warning to American gun owners, claiming that it’d be impossible for Americans to fight against the United States government. Biden specifically referred to a famous quote from Thomas Jefferson, which advocated for citizens to revolt against a tyrannical government. According to Biden, the American public would require military equipment, such as F-16 fighter jets, to fight the United States government effectively in a revolution.

Biden’s comment isn’t the first time the president mocked American gun owners, as he made similar comments during a 2023 fundraiser in California. During his fundraiser appearance, Biden said that he intended to implement restrictions pertaining to gun control, making it harder for citizens to purchase certain types of firearms. Biden referred to the AR-15-style rifles as a target for the bans due to the various mass shooters who use the Armalite rifle platform in their attacks. Biden claimed that the Second Amendment doesn’t allow people to own whatever type of weapon they desire and that an AR-15 wouldn’t work against military equipment.

Biden cited his experience as a law school professor while discussing the Second Amendment, claiming he understood the Constitutional provision better than most Americans. The President also said that he supports the Second Amendment but that the general public collectively agrees that gun control regulation needs reform and federal intervention. Despite Biden’s push to pass meaningful gun reform under his leadership, many states, like Florida, are actively pushing against new gun reform laws in their legislatures.

During Biden’s advocacy for new gun reform, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passed a bill that allowed the state’s residents to carry a concealed firearm without a permit. The law allows any resident of Florida who legally possesses a gun to carry it without paperwork, training, or a background check. Despite facing renewed criticisms for the bill, DeSantis doubled down on the policy during his failed presidential bid, citing the policy as a victory for conservatives and gun-owning Americans.

Although Biden received criticism for his comments about Americans’ inability to fight off a tyrannical United States government, many Democrats support the president’s warning to gun owners. A common criticism of the Second Amendment is its failure to reflect the modern firearms available to consumers, with many Democratic lawmakers like Nancy Pelosi claiming the founding fathers wouldn’t support an American’s right to own a gun like the AR-15. Despite Democratic lawmakers’ attempts at enacting gun control reform, such legislation isn’t likely to pass in the near future, given the widespread support for Republicans like former President Donald Trump.

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