Blinken Says US Is ‘Ready’ To Get Involved In Israel-Hamas If Line Is Crossed

( – According to senior officials affiliated with the United States military, the United States armed forces are ready to get involved if Hamas begins intentionally targeting Americans in its conflict with Israel. According to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, the United States is anticipating Iran-backed militant groups to provoke armed forces and other personnel to force American involvement.

Blinken claims the Biden Administration is ready to become involved in the conflict, but only if the actions of Hamas or other extremist militant groups directly impact American citizens. Blinken clarified that the United States government doesn’t intend to join the conflict but is willing to if United States citizens become targets. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin agreed with Blinken and proposed that the United States increase its military presence in the Middle East to deter future conflicts.

Blinken also discussed the ongoing hostage situation with Hamas, as high-ranking officials believe some missing Americans are being held hostage by the militant group. Blink claimed the United States has a “pretty strong” idea that Hamas holds numerous Americans hostage. Hamas released two Americans following tense negotiations.

However, as many as 10 Americans are still missing and believed to be in Hamas’ custody. Some believe Hamas is using the hostages as leverage to prevent further involvement from the United States, and others believe the hostage releases are an effort to gain favor with the United States military. Despite the ongoing hostage situation, the Biden Administration remains uninvolved in the conflict.

Blinken’s comments come as President Biden’s White House fears the possibility of the war between Hamas and Israel escalating to a widespread conflict. Biden warned Iran to avoid joining the conflict, as many fear Iran is planning an attack on Israel or United States forces stationed in Iraq. Some speculate Iran is involved in the string of drone attacks on Coalition forces in Iraq, but concrete evidence regarding Iran’s involvement isn’t being shared now. While the likelihood of Iran joining Hamas’ attack on Israel is uncertain, the United States is ready to join Israel should the conflict escalate or involve innocent American troops.

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