Bud Light Sponsored X-Rated Pride Parade For Children

(DailyVantage.com) – Bud Light hasn’t learned from the economic losses they incurred by promoting transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney. In their latest blunder, they sponsored the Toronto Pride parade, which featured a trope of naked men at the “family-friendly” public event. 

Footage captured by Beth Baisch for The Post Millenial featured a truck with a big Bud Light sign listing them as an “Official Sponsor” for the event. They also sponsored a stage where an obese performer danced in fetish gear with tape covering her nipples while everything else hung out.

The endorsement suggests that the widespread backlash against the brewing company for their approval of Dylan Mulvaney has not made a significant impact on their strategies. Bud lost billions in stock value due to the fallout. 

The company continues to sponsor pride-themed events around the country, including one event in Arizona called “Pride in the Pines.” That ‘family-friendly’ event featured drag performances and scantily clad dancers while claiming to be a “safe space” for all its attendees. 

Anheuser-Busch (the company that owns Bud Light) CEO Brendan Whitworth attempted to douse the flames of discontent from Americans across the board with a lengthy letter that didn’t actually admit fault or even mention Bud Light or Mulvaney. He was widely panned on social media as a result, with many commentators pointing out that he effectively “said nothing.” Those in support of the campaign with Mulvaney thought it was ridiculous he was seemingly apologizing, while those antagonized by it thought he didn’t go far enough in admitting fault. 

Pride celebrations in Portland also featured naked bicyclists in a widely panned viral video. Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro called it “pagan barbarism.” Gays Against Groomers member Clarkson Lawson said it shouldn’t be controversial to want to protect children from viewing naked adults. In his short video, he shared clips from a nude gathering at a public fountain and a man in a diaper gyrating his backside while children are present on the sidelines in both videos. 

Lawson suggested that there’s nothing “homophobic” about pointing out the degeneracy and exhibitionism associated with these celebrations as they have little to do with gaining widespread acceptance of gay men and women. 

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