California University Bans the Word “Field” Due TO Racism

California University Bans the Word "Field" Due TO Racism

( – Many institutions across the United States have given into woke demands and cancel culture. The government, for example, is renaming more than 1,100 assets essentially to erase evidence of the Confederate War. Sports teams have changed their names to avoid conflict, and now one college is taking a step in the same direction by eliminating a prevalent word for a bizarre reason.

Fox News reported that one department at the University of Southern California would no longer use the word “field” in its curricula or documents. Instead, the department will replace the term, which refers to the type of work — field work — which social workers do, with the word “practicum,” per a copy of a memo posted to Twitter.

According to the department, Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work is making this move “in favor of inclusive language.” As it stands, the use of the word field falls into a category that some consider anti-immigrant or anti-Black. More specifically, the letter states the terminology “maybe [has] connotations for descendants of slavery.”

It almost goes without saying that the change didn’t go over well with many readers. One person who graduated from the university said they were “embarrassed” and wondered “how much of [their] money they spent” on the policy. Another commented on how canceling phrases is the new norm.

Cherise Trump, who serves as the executive director of Speech First, an organization aimed at protecting First Amendment rights, recently spoke to the Washington Examiner. She said the university is teaching students the wrong lesson — “anything can be offensive” — adding that the institutions are “arbiter[s] of what is right and wrong.”

As it turns out, USC is not the only one employing these changes. Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services is also doing away with the term, opting instead to use “community/local office” and “community/local staff.”

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