Congressman RELEASED From His Punishment – “Mistake” Declared?

( – After spending one day in the Twitter slammer, Rep Steve Daines (R-MT) walked away a free man, getting back full control of his account.  

Daines, who posted a profile picture of him and his wife posing with a dead antelope, was temporarily banned from the social media platform for displaying content that depicts “graphic violence” or “adult content”.  

One Twitter representative told the New York Post that images of bloodied and deceased animals are in direct violation of the site’s terms and conditions. Twitter, the representative explained, does not have the capability to label posts NSFW (not safe for work), thus problematic content is removed and accounts are suspended.

All this said, Twitter completely reinstated Daines’ account on Tuesday. The profile picture in question also remained intact.

With this development, it appears that Twitter reneged on its own policy.    

Elon Musk, Twitter’s CEO and chief troll, addressed the controversy in a tweet posted on Tuesday: “This is being fixed”, Musk wrote, clarifying that certain rules were being “amended.”

Daines, upon regaining access to his account, tweeted “It’s our Montana way of life and we are proud of it. I am glad Elon Musk recognizes this.” 

Republican lawmakers, many of whom also hunt, took to twitter on Tuesday to post their own graphic pictures. Matt Rosendale (R-MT), who, like Daines, represents a district in Montana, posted a picture of him and another man holding a dead deer by the antlers. The tweet read “I hear Twitter has a problem with hunting photos. They clearly haven’t been to Montana!” 

Senator Mike Rounds (R-SD), Rep Kelly Armstrong (R-ND), and other Republican lawmakers also posted hunting photos in a sort of trolling solidarity with Daines.

It probably goes without saying that no prominent Democrat lawmakers joined Republicans in their trolling of Twitter. Democrats, instead, stayed silent on the matter.  

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