Democrats Can’t TOUCH HIM – He’s Still On Top!

( – According to multiple recent polls, Donald Trump’s popularity has been growing dramatically, despite the various scandals that Trump has been the center of throughout this year. Trump has maintained a double-digit lead over the rest of the Republican candidates, a lead that has now grown even more following his appearance at the annual Faith and Freedom conference.

Trump wasn’t the only candidate in attendance at the event, but he was by far the most popular GOP hopeful in attendance. According to an Emerson College poll that was done in June, Trump led Ron DeSantis by over 30 points, having around 59 percent of Republican voters’ support. DeSantis was the second most popular candidate featured in the poll, but he only had around 21 percent of the voters’ support.

Trump’s not just doing well in the poll conducted by Emerson College, but in other polls as well. One conducted by YouGov showed Trump was leading the Republican candidates at around 53 percent, despite the fact that over half of Republican voters believe he acted illegally in his handling of classified information. Trump’s performance in polls did weaken slightly immediately after the federal indictment against him was made public, but has seemingly recovered just weeks later.

Despite his growing popularity it seems as though Trump’s performance will likely weaken again in the coming weeks, as CNN just released audio that seemingly proves Trump discussed classified documents with a reporter in his Mar-a-Lago home. The audio recording in question is damning, but it likely won’t be enough to end Trump’s chances at securing the Republican nomination. Trump is still the most likely GOP candidate, and will probably be the candidate that goes against the incumbent President Biden next year.

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is the second most popular potential GOP candidate according to every poll, but he registers only about half as much support as Trump.

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