Dems In PANIC Mode – Their WORST Fear EXPOSED

( – Hosts of Fox News political programming claimed that the Democratic Party at large is terrified of potential Democratic presidential contender Robert Kennedy, Jr. the son of the late Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

Fox contributors believed that the Democratic Party feared Kennedy because of his family’s history with the party and inside knowledge.

Kennedy claimed that the CIA was behind a conspiracy plot to assassinate his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy. JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963, after having been fatally shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, who fired into his motorcade as it passed through Dealey Plaza, in downtown Dallas, Texas. Kennedy Jr. explained that his late father’s “first instinct” was that the CIA had conspired to kill JFK in a “conspiracy.”

While many Americans believe that JFK was assassinated in a conspiracy no official evidence to contradict that Oswald acted alone has emerged.

The younger Kennedy explained that his late father had investigated Jack Ruby, the man credited with shooting Oswald on live television following his attack on the late president. Ruby, Kennedy Jr. alleged, was tied to “mob bosses” and various other criminal entities that were “in cahoots” with the CIA at the time of JFK’s assassination.

Kennedy Jr. has likewise stated that he believed the investigation following his uncle’s assassination was a “cover-up” to hide the conspiracy plot.

Former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1968, less than five years after his late brother, in a hotel in Los Angeles, after winning a victory in the Democratic presidential primary.

In additional controversial statements, Kennedy Jr. has claimed that 5G wireless connection can “alter” human DNA, and he has claimed that the novel coronavirus vaccines are harmful. Concerns about Kennedy Jr.’s statements have become controversial to the point that YouTube removed a video with Kennedy Jr. and Jordan Peterson over alleged “misinformation.” 

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