Disney’s $134M ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Flop

(DailyVantage.com) – Despite the studio’s attempts at rebooting the beloved Indiana Jones franchise, the latest installment in the adventure series cost Disney approximately $134 million, with almost $80 million lost due to the film’s extensive reshoots and implementation of CGI to de-age Harrison Ford, who played the titular character. Disney spent years on the fifth “Indiana Jones” film and even took advantage of the United Kingdom’s beneficial filming policies to encourage studios to shoot movies within the country.

The United Kingdom’s policy allows studios to receive a 25% reimbursement for shooting films in the country, but it also establishes additional restrictions that movie studios must follow. Studios wanting to shoot their movies within the United Kingdom must provide highly detailed financial records that disclose information about the expenses accompanying a film’s production. Among the information required by the policy is how much a studio pays its staff, what everyone attached to a project makes in terms of total salary, various shooting costs, and how much they received from the United Kingdom in reimbursement.

Disney adhered to the required disclosures and shared information about the latest Indiana Jones film’s production, showcasing how poorly the movie performed. The filings from Disney revealed that the newest installment in the adventure film franchise cost the studio $134 million, not including the project’s considerable budget. The filings also indicate expenses after considering how much the film made during its initial box office run, meaning the latest Indiana Jones failed to break even in movie theaters.

One of the project’s most significant expenses was the extensive digital alteration of Harrison Ford’s face, which made him look younger for one of the movie’s massive action set pieces involving a train. The train scene alone required almost $80 million, forcing Disney to spend $387 million to produce the movie. Disney only made $192 million from the movie’s box office performance, as theaters keep half of the profit from ticket sales. While the reason for the movie’s poor performance isn’t definitive, many online audiences speculated that the film’s bizarre creative choices caused Indiana Jones fans to avoid seeing the movie.

Rumors about the film’s plot leaked over a year before it made it to theaters and quickly caused a storm of criticism from online audiences. Among the rumors surrounding the latest Indiana Jones movie was speculation that the studio would have Harrison Ford finally leave the franchise before passing the torch to a younger female actress to take on the titular role. Disney reportedly noticed the criticisms and decided to rewrite the movie’s ending, resulting in a higher budget and reshoots. While Disney remains one of the world’s most extensive entertainment corporations, the latest Indiana Jones movie is one of many movies that cost the studio millions of dollars in the past few years, indicating a loss of interest in Disney’s recent projects.

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