Double Dog DARE – DeSantis Challenges Newsom!

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made headlines following comments he made regarding the Governor of California Gavin Newsom

DeSantis said Newsom has an “obsession” with Florida, despite the various issues within California. DeSantis also challenged Newsom to run for office in the 2024 presidential race, going up against Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination. DeSantis issued the challenge in response to Newsom’s constant criticism of other states like Florida, noting that if Newsom genuinely cares he should run for office and try to intervene, rather than “sit on the sidelines and chirp.”

Newsom has seemingly been considering a presidential run, but likely won’t run for the position of chief executive until the 2028 election so as to not challenge President Biden for a nomination. DeSantis also took time to point out the flaws within Newsom’s state, noting the growing number of people leaving California and the state’s rampant crime.

Newsom has been in national headlines for a variety of reasons lately, including his state’s various issues and an amendment that Newsom proposed regarding gun control. Newsom proposed an amendment that would institute “common sense” gun safety regulation, including universal background checks along with longer waiting periods before attaining a firearm. Newsom’s proposal comes just weeks after he made the rounds discussing national shootings, criticizing various politicians like Texas Governor Greg Abbott for the easier access to firearms within Texas.

While Newsom appears to be trying to bolster his reputation ahead of a potential presidential bid, such a campaign isn’t likely to unfold during the 2024 election season. Newsom has already stated that he supports President Biden’s re-election campaign, and has even raised money for Biden’s campaign. Newsom also seems reluctant to discuss Biden’s potential health issues. When asked about whether he thinks Biden is mentally fit he simply responded with “yes.”

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