Fani Willis Allowed in Trump Case If She Fires Ex-Lover

( – The saga of embattled district attorney Fani Willis continues, with a court ruling that Willis can stay on Georgia’s election tampering case against former president Donald Trump – but only if she fires Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor the Fulton County DA had hired and discovered to have had a relationship with.

Judge Scott McAfee issued a 23-page decision that contained scathing criticism of Willis’ actions and behavior, where the magistrate called Willis’ and Wade’s decision to pursue a relationship a result of “bad choices.” He also said that either Willis or Wade would have to leave the prosecution team in charge of handling the case against the former president due to what the judge called an “odor of mendacity” stemming from their relationship.

A few hours after the decision was handed down, Wade submitted a letter of resignation, saying that he would be stepping away from the case against Trump in an effort to help the case’s proceedings move forward “in the interest of democracy, [and] in dedication to the American public.”

Willis’ life was suddenly thrust into the public spotlight after one of Trump’s co-defendants in the Georgia indictment, Mike Roman, filed a motion to disqualify the Fulton County DA over her “inappropriate relationship” with Wade, an outside attorney. During the course of the disqualification hearing, allegations that Willis and Wade benefited financially from their professional relationship emerged, as well as claims that Wade had long been a significant presence in Willis’ life, as early as the start of her tenure as district attorney for Georgia’s Fulton County. Willis herself also took the stand, indignantly responding to the allegations leveled against her. But the judge also took issue with Willis’ spirited testimony, calling it “unprofessional.”

McAfee also clarified that his decision to let the Fulton County DA remain on the case is by no means an indication that the court was okay with Willis and Wade’s “tremendous lapse in judgment” or the “unprofessional manner” with which Willis delivered her testimony.

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