Fani Willis Blames Alleged Lover’s Wife for Blocking Trump’s Prosecution

( – District Attorney Fani Willis, from Fulton County, is facing a roadblock in her election interference case against former President Donald Trump. Willis’ case against Trump began faltering on January 8th, after one of Trump’s codefendants filed a motion to disqualify her due to her alleged misconduct. The disqualification motion also cited a potential collaboration between the Biden administration and the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, raising concerns about Biden actively interfering with Trump’s legal battles.

Willis faced accusations of misconduct due to her involvement with a married attorney, Nathan Wade, whom Willis chose to lead the prosecution against Trump in his election interference case. Willis allegedly entered into a secret relationship with Wade, who used taxpayer funds to pay for various vacations for members of his law firm. Wade reportedly received the funding from Willis, which would be an ethical violation and potentially carry criminal charges.

Despite the allegations against Willis receiving national attention, the district attorney hasn’t denied any of them. Willis did, however, defend her decision to select Wade for the prosecution, claiming that she didn’t give Wade’s firm preferential treatment during the selection process. Willis’s legal team hasn’t responded to the filing requesting a disqualification and confirmed that any response would come in a court filing rather than a press release or interview.

Following the allegations against Willis, the prosecution against Trump began to falter. Willis blames Wade’s wife, Joycelyn Wade, for preventing the legal effort against the former president from progressing. Joycelyn Wade subpoenaed Willis to testify in her divorce proceedings to discuss her alleged relationship with Nathan Wade. Willis allegedly began her relationship with Nathan Wade before appointing him as the special prosecutor against Trump, with Nathan Wade filing for divorce a day after entering into a contract with the district attorney’s office.

Willis also faces a misconduct claim, which could halt the proceedings against Trump and result in Willis losing her position as district attorney. Despite the mounting issues for her case against the former president, Willis claims she’s the victim of harassment due to the various legal battles mounting against her. Willis hasn’t indicated that she’ll step down from her role, but she could be removed from Trump’s case should she face further accusations of misconduct.

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