FBI Interviews Woman Regarding Facebook Content

(DailyVantage.com) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently interviewed a woman about various Facebook posts she made, which FBI officials claim reported the woman to federal authorities. The FBI agents who attempted to interview the woman in question, Rolla Abdeljawad, failed to discuss the posts. Abdeljawad refused to speak to them and demanded proof of their status as federal authorities while criticizing the federal agents for interfering with her First Amendment rights.

Abdeljawad shared a video of her encounter with the FBI, which showed two undercover agents attempting to speak to her at her house. The agents also showed Abdeljawad printed-out posts collected from Facebook, which the social media site reportedly sent to the FBI for investigation. The two agents attempted to joke about the encounter, telling Abdeljawad that FBI agents frequently meet with various Americans and ask them questions about their social media activities due to online reports.

Facebook potentially reported Abdeljawad due to how she recently posted multiple times regarding the ongoing Israel-Hamas war in the Middle East. Abdeljawad openly expressed her support for Palestine in various Facebook posts and called Israel by a different name, “Israhell,” to express her disdain for the primarily Jewish nation. Despite Abdeljawad’s controversial posts, she didn’t directly call for people to use violence or threaten any violent acts herself, prompting concerns about the FBI investigating people for their social media activities.

Abdeljawad accused the FBI of federal overreach and asked federal agents if she wasn’t allowed to say what she wanted, a fundamental right guaranteed in the United States Constitution. The responding agents quickly affirmed Abdeljawad’s constitutional right to free speech that wasn’t harmful, claiming they only visited her to determine if she wanted to use violence or encourage others to commit violence. Abdeljawad also claimed that her social media accounts aren’t private, so the FBI didn’t need Facebook to send in her posts to investigate her social media activity. Despite the investigation into Abdeljawad and her online posts, the FBI agents didn’t attempt to arrest her.

Ironically, the investigation comes just weeks after Abdeljawad shared social media posts claiming that the federal government frequently monitors Muslim people and their social media accounts. According to Abdeljawad, the FBI only investigated her activities due to her outspoken status as a Muslim who supports Palestine, prompting her to warn other American Muslims about similar incidents. The FBI denied using Abdeljawad’s faith to justify their investigation into her social media activities and claimed that the responding agents only wished to ensure the safety of American citizens.

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