George Santos INTERVIEW Turns Heated – It Got Wild!

( – Television host Piers Morgan, who has been critical of embattled Representative George Santos (R-NY), leaked some clips from his upcoming interview with the Congressman on Monday.

In a newly released clip of the interview, Morgan, who is often relentless in his questioning, appears to ask Santos to admit that he has been a “terrible liar”. Santos, somewhat surprisingly, did not put up much of a fight saying “Well, I’ve been a terrible liar on those subjects.” 

Morgan, though successful in getting Santos to concede some things during the interview, didn’t stop there. He goes on to assert that Santos “tricked” the voters in his district. Santos promptly responded “It wasn’t about tricking the people. This was about getting accepted by the party here locally.” 

All of this comes just weeks after Santos admitted to “embellishing” his resume. Though the lies are hard to track, as more keep surfacing, some of the most egregious include: lying about his Jewish heritage, lying about being employed with Goldman Sachs, and falsely claiming to be a graduate from New York University. 

In the coming days after Santos admitted to fabricating a significant portion of his resume, there were numerous calls for him to resign. Even Republican groups such as the Nassau County GOP called on the Freshman Congressman, who at the time hadn’t even been sworn in, to step down. 

Santos, though, has taken to Twitter to declare, time and time again, that he will not resign. One tweet reads “…I’m not leaving, I’m not hiding and I am NOT backing down.”

While Santos doesn’t appear to have any plans to resign his post, he did recently voluntarily remove himself from his only two committee assignments, the Science, Space, and Technology Committee and the Small Business Committee. 

Santos told the press that the move to recuse himself from his assignments will be temporary. 

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