GOP Rep’s Readings Spark Leftist Backlash

( – Leftist state lawmakers from New Hampshire were incensed after a state Republican representative read out aloud inflammatory content from books Democratic legislators were fighting to give children access to by allowing them in school libraries.

The explicit books were read out aloud on the House floor by Republican Representative Glenn Cordelli, who was defending House Bill 1419, legislation that seeks to ban “patently offensive” resources and materials from physical and online libraries in public schools. “Patently offensive” material was defined as material containing graphic adult material that possessed no “literary, scientific, medical, artistic, or political value.” The proposed legislation also gives parents administrative and legal steps they can take should such material be found in the libraries of the schools their children go to.

Cordelli read excerpts from a book written by author and LGBTQ+ activist Rowan Ellis entitled “Here and Queer: A Queer Girl’s Guide to Life,” which included parts that outright discussed issues of losing one’s virginity – complete with depictions describing the event. Another book, authored by Laurie Halse Anderson and published in 1999 called “Speak,” included a depiction of sexual assault.

Cordelli reasoned that HB1419 was not about banning books but ensuring children in schools had access to material and resources that supported their education while being age-appropriate at the same time. He said that the books he read were available in a number of schools in the state.

Before he read out the excepts, most of the Democrats in the state legislature voted to prevent Cordelli from doing so. Still, a majority voted in favor of letting the state legislator proceed.

Democrat state Representative Corinne Morse later called Cordelli a “creepy old man” on social media, saying that he was forcing everyone, without their “consent,” to listen to explicit content.

It was a different story for the bill, however. The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 187-162 to table the measure indefinitely.

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