He Can’t DO IT – Voters Know The TRUTH!

(DailyVantage.com) – According to most voters, President Joe Biden’s mental fitness is a primary concern. Biden is currently the oldest person to hold the chief executive office and has already started campaigning for next year’s election.

Despite his claims to the contrary, Biden’s mental state has been questionable, especially given his frequent public gaffes and embarrassing mistakes. Biden has consistently been stumbling, falling down stairs, and getting lost in his public appearances. While many of his supporters claim that this is standard behavior, the majority of voters have taken notice and feel as though his mental health could be in decline.

NBC News conducted a national survey regarding the issue, with 68 percent of voters stating they had concerns about Biden’s mental and physical health. Biden would be 86 upon finishing his second term, making him the oldest president in the history of the United States.

Fears regarding Biden’s health first started a year ago, when he was seen falling off a bike while talking to reporters. Biden had already made public mistakes before this, including his now famous fall up the stairs of the 747 named Air Force One, but when he fell off his bike, other officials began commenting on his health. Trump even took shots at Biden by claiming that his own health was far better, a comment that Biden notably remained silent about. Despite this extremely public fall, Biden continues to claim that his age was not an issue and didn’t affect his ability to serve as the chief executive.

Biden has commented on his age, stating that his age doesn’t even register with him. Although Biden claims he’s still as sharp as ever, the White House has taken to editing transcripts of Biden’s public appearances in an effort to make him appear more understandable. The multiple long pauses and malapropisms are notably absent from White House transcripts, although voters can see Biden making these mistakes during the live events the transcripts are pulled from. While many voters feel as though Biden could be too old to hold office, Biden has remained confident that he will win re-election during next year’s election.

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