He KNEW – Leaked Document SEALS Biden’s Fate!

Biden Did NOT Do Well in 2022 - Here's a Recap

(DailyVantage.com) – Representative Michael McCaul (R.Tx) the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman stated that he had viewed a State Department document revealing that President Joe Biden failed to “heed warnings” before Afghanistan withdrawal, Fox News reported, as was re-published by New York Post. The document reportedly contained evidence that the president failed to heed “certain warnings” from U.S. officials who were on the scene in Afghanistan before the American and NATO mission withdrawal. 

McCaul explained that political dissenters to President Biden’s withdrawal plan were “absolutely right” about their council, The Washington Free Beacon reported. McCaul explained that he had reviewed a State Department cable that the Biden administration had reportedly failed to publicize “for months” after it was released. McCaul stated that the cable explained to the Biden administration what the expected fallout would be, and what the process should be for an exit, The Washington Free Beacon reported.  

The president decided to end the American mission to Afghanistan in July of 2021 after former President Donald Trump had made similar plans, following negotiation talks with the Taliban. In August, the American mission officially withdrew. The president addressed the withdrawal at the State Dining Room of the White House on August 31, 2021, in which he commented on how the United States performed one of the “biggest airlifts” in United States history. However, reports stated that the “hasted” American withdrawal resulted in the Taliban seizing the “billions of dollars” value of United States military equipment, which allowed for the Taliban to make a rapid conquest of the country, The Washington Free Beacon reported. 

Following the end of the American mission, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, and former Afghanistan President Ghani Ashraf Ghani evacuated the country. Since then, the human rights situation in Afghanistan has rapidly deteriorated. Likewise, allies of the American mission to Afghanistan have reportedly been “rounded up and executed” by the Taliban regime, an opinion film from The New York Times explained. Reprisals had been anticipated by the remaining American allies, PBS Newshour reported in August 2022. 

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