Hit Below The BELT – Trump Gets PUMMELED

(DailyVantage.com) – Former New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie blasted Donald Trump for making comments about his weight. Christie appeared on Fox News Media Buzz Sunday, where he was asked about his reaction to Donald Trump seemingly making fun of his weight. 

Trump posted a doctored video to his Truth Social account, which shows Christie at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Trump’s decision to post the video prompted questions about how Christie felt regarding Trump’s various insults, with Christie comparing the former president to a schoolyard bully. Christie made his own jokes regarding Donald Trump’s weight, telling the reporter interviewing him “like he’s some Adonis.” Trump’s decision to mock Christie comes just days after Christie spoke at an event, where he claimed that Trump had let conservative voters down during his time as the chief executive. 

Christie spoke about Donald Trump at the annual Faith and Freedom conference and used his time to discuss how Trump disappointed Republican voters and failed to fulfill his duties while in office. Christie’s speech was met with resounding boos from the audience, but he continued talking about Donald Trump regardless. Trump also appeared at the event and was met with overwhelming support by the same audience that booed Christie heavily. Trump spoke about various topics, but primarily focused on the topic of abortion, and proclaimed himself the most ‘pro-life’ president to hold the office. 

Despite Christie’s attempts to convince voters otherwise, Donald Trump is still the most popular candidate in the Republican primary by far. Trump currently maintains a support percentage of around fifty percent. NBC News conducted a poll that shows Trump is the most likely GOP candidate thus far, despite the ongoing federal case against him that is still developing. DeSantis is the next most popular candidate, trailing behind Trump with just 21 percent of the vote. Christie is the least popular Republican running in next year’s election and hasn’t even surpassed the double digits in terms of support. 

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