Homeowner Takes Fatal Action Against Man Breaking In

(DailyVantage.com) – An undisclosed Oklahoma woman recently shot an unnamed home invader, causing his death, after he broke into her apartment in Bartlesville. Authorities confirmed the incident and identified the home invader as a 23-year-old from the area. A spokesperson for the Bartlesville police discussed the incident and explained the circumstances leading to the fatal shooting. According to the police, the woman contacted authorities to inform them about an intruder breaking into her apartment. As the woman waited for police to arrive, she shot the intruder, killing him.

Police eventually arrived at the apartment, where they found the injured man. After police attempted to render aid to the wounded intruder, medical personnel reached the scene and transported him to a hospital. The man died shortly after reaching a medical facility. Prosecutors said that the woman wouldn’t face any criminal charges for the shooting, as she acted in self-defense by killing the intruder.

Bartlesville Police Captain Daniel Elkins discussed the shooting and called the incident a tragedy. Elkins said that the woman did what she felt was necessary, citing the decision to shoot the intruder as her choice. While talking about the shooting, Elkins confirmed that only the intruder sustained any injuries during the home invasion, citing the lack of additional injuries as a positive. The incident occurred during broad daylight, raising concerns amongst Bartlesville residents regarding similar crimes.

The home invasion occurred during the morning hours of January 12 while many Bartlesville residents began preparing for work or school. While discussing the shooting, one of the apartment owner’s neighbors claimed that she’s worried a similar home invasion could occur as she’s preparing to take her kid to school. The neighbor also said that she hopes other would-be criminals consider the self-defense killing before breaking into homes, as they could share the same fate as the unnamed home intruder.

The fatal shooting is the latest instance of a home invasion within Bartlesville, with a similar break-in occurring in October 2023. The October intrusion involved a group of juveniles who broke into a Bartlesville home and attacked another minor. According to police, at least seven juveniles participated in the assault, which occurred at 2:30 a.m. The juvenile break-in resulted in an investigation spanning hundreds of hours, culminating in an arrest. Other suspects remain at large, but authorities claim the assault stemmed from a conflict between two juvenile groups residing in Bartlesville.

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