Homeowners Hold Off Armed Man During Attempted Home Invasion

(DailyVantage.com) – Seattle’s Asian population has seen a surge of incidents where criminals are targeting homes and robbing people. In Washington State, generally last month, a large number of home invasion suspects were arrested. The city of Kent, Washington, has been hit harder than others. Kent is one of the most populated cities in the state.

For instance, near Seattle, a man was followed to his front door and was confronted by two armed transgressors. After being tased by the individuals, his person was searched for valuables. The aggressors ran away moments later.

Last Sunday night, in a town 20 miles from Seattle, a doorbell camera caught a man wielding a gun trying to shove his way through the front door of a house. The residents, who have Asian heritage, had just walked into their home in Kent when he followed them up their sidewalk. Staying some distance away, there was a second suspect who watched the situation unfold. The couple was able to shut the door and lock the masked intruder out.

The attempted break-in is still being investigated by the police. In fear of being retaliated against, the couple told the authorities they wanted to stay anonymous.

The homeowners’ son, Jimmy Huyn, had no qualms about being recognized. He could not believe his parents were able to keep the hooded man out of their house and also remain unharmed. When asked by reporters if he was angry, Huyn said he was. “That is mom; that is dad,” Huyn told reporters. He said he could not imagine the situation if the individual had succeeded and forced his way into his parents’ home. Huyn stated the gun-toting man broke his family’s Ring camera by “pistol-whipping” it multiple times.

The incident has sparked public outrage. An observer said criminals are becoming more brazen and attacking during the day. Another person retorted that it was horrible to watch the crimes take place. They should be caught and locked away.

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