Hundreds Duplicate Votes Found Across 2020-2023 Elections; No Prosecutions Yet

( – According to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, the state’s authorities will prosecute citizens who commit voter fraud to the full extent of the law. The two officials also issued public assurances about duplicate votes, claiming Michigan lawmakers instituted new policies to prevent widespread voter fraud.

Both Nessel and Benson are members of the Democratic Party and issued the warning moments after former President Donald Trump encouraged voters who used mail ballots to show up to polling locations to ensure election workers tabulated their vote.

Despite Nessel and Benson’s warning, Michigan authorities have only prosecuted a handful of individuals accused of the crime. Although Nessel and Benson claimed they’d focus on voter fraud prevention, state officials ignored tips from concerned volunteers with Check My Vote, who found evidence of hundreds of instances of fraudulent votes throughout multiple years. Some of the fake votes used non-existent addresses, and others came from people who voted more than twice during one election.

Voter fraud is becoming more prevalent in Michigan as well, as the highest instance of people voting more than twice occurred in the November 2023 election. According to a voter fraud report, people have begun committing voting fraud at a rate 15 times higher than during the 2020 election. Some Michigan citizens cite the increase in voter fraud as indicative of Benson and Nessel’s failure to address election crimes adequately ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Michigan utilizes the Electronic Registration Information Center to monitor election activity and to police any instances of voter fraud through state records. Despite the ERIC using various databases to maintain accurate voter turnout numbers and uncover fraudulent votes, hundreds of duplicate votes go unnoticed, raising concerns about ERIC’s efficacy as an election watchdog initiative. Nine states recently dropped ERIC due to its shortcomings, but Michigan officials champion ERIC and claim it helps state officials prevent election crime.

In contrast to ERIC, Check My Vote found hundreds of fraudulent Michigan votes in a single minute. Check My Vote used records known as Qualified Voter Files, which came from the Michigan Bureau of Elections, also headed by Jocelyn Benson. The evidence of voter fraud seemingly went unnoticed by Benson and Nessel, prompting some online commenters to claim that Michigan officials don’t care about voter fraud and its potential impact on national elections.

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