Is Biden THIS Naive? No Idea What’s Coming

( – As the deadline to prevent a default approaches, President Biden indicated on Sunday that he is confident he can reach a debt ceiling compromise with Republican lawmakers.

After months of saying he would not “negotiate” over the debt limit, Biden referred to the current conversations between White House liaisons and congressional officials as “a negotiation.” 

Talking to reporters in Delaware while sitting on his bike, Biden said it’s not good to characterize negotiations in the middle of the talks. But, he indicated that he is feeling good about a possible deal because he is a “congenital optimist,” adding that he feels the Republicans also want to strike a deal.

However, not everyone in the negotiations shares this optimistic view.

On Monday, McCarthy told reporters outside the Capitol that he still thinks they’re “far apart” and added that it didn’t seem like the Democrats want to deal.

Biden noted that he is waiting for the GOP to unveil their plan for stricter work requirements for federal aid programs, Medicaid being a point of contention.

He stated that he was awaiting their “exact proposal.”  A spokesperson for the president added that Biden won’t entertain negotiations that “take away people’s health coverage.” 

Biden, House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, McCarthy, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are scheduled to meet on Tuesday.

The idea by House Republicans to raise the debt ceiling at the cost of severe cuts to federal spending has been roundly criticized by Democrats for months.

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