Judge Demands Release of Border-Storming Migrants

(DailyVantage.com) – Despite outcry from Texas residents, a magistrate judge demanded the release of the illegal immigrants who rioted and fought Texas National Guardsmen, prompting heavy criticism from online audiences. According to Judge Humberto Acosta, Texas courts can’t adequately prepare a hearing for each of the detained illegal immigrants, so authorities should release each of the illegal immigrants and allow them the opportunity to remain free until further criminal proceedings.

The immigrants in question reportedly attempted to cross the United States border before encountering a recently installed razor wire fence, which had additional security provided by the Texas National Guard. The immigrants then allegedly tore the fence separating them from the United States and began attempting to enter Texas despite orders to stop from the Texas National Guard. Upon crossing the border, the illegal immigrants allegedly began rioting and fighting members of the Texas National Guard, prompting border officials to detain them and charge them for the altercation.

However, Acosta’s decision to release the immigrants comes with a limitation, as any detainees who already have detainer holds won’t be released from immigration facilities. Additionally, only a handful of the immigrants involved in the altercation with the Texas National Guard have been released, with the remaining detainees facing a different hearing scheduled for some time in the coming weeks. Most of the immigrants involved in the border incident are young men who originate from Venezuela, but law enforcement experts believe some of the immigrants have criminal records.

Although most of the immigrants involved in the border clash face charges related to rioting, some of them also face assault charges for their physical altercation with the Texas National Guards. Acosta’s order didn’t refer to the immigrants facing charges related to assault, raising questions about whether or not immigration authorities would release them in the coming weeks. Acosta’s order comes as immigration officials believe the United States government isn’t adequately addressing the increase in illegal immigration into the United States, causing some border authorities to speak about the ongoing border crisis.

Among the border officials who claim that the growing immigration rates pose a threat to national security is Jason Owens, the chief of the United States Border Patrol. Owens cited the more than 100,000 immigrants who’ve successfully evaded law enforcement to enter the United States as a massive concern for law enforcement due to how some of the migrants likely possess criminal records or ties to criminal organizations. When talking about the ongoing surge of immigrants into the United States, Owens described illegal immigration as a “threat to our communities.”

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