Kamala Harris Confirms She’s Ready to Replace Biden

(DailyVantage.com) – Try as hard as they might, the campaign of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris cannot seem to avoid persistent concerns over the president’s physical and mental capability to work at the White House for another four years.

The concerns over Biden’s mental and physical health have risen in the light of the contents of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report regarding his and his team’s investigation into the discovery of several classified documents in the president’s Washington, D.C. office and at his home in Delaware.

In his report, Hur did not recommend that criminal charges be filed against the president or his staff over the incident, calling the president “sympathetic [and] well-meaning.” Hur further reasoned that it would be difficult to charge Biden with any criminal wrongdoing, as he believed that any prosecutor would be hard-pressed to convince a jury that the president, being an “elderly man with a poor memory,” was capable of committing a felony crime “that requires a mental state of willfulness.”

Amid concerns regarding the president’s health, Vice President Harris has repeatedly been asked if she was capable of taking over the presidency if something happened to Biden. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Harris said that she continues to be “ready to serve” in any and all situations, including if she needs to assume the role of president.

“I am ready to serve. There’s no question about that,” the vice president told the news outlet. Harris added that the people who know how she works are “fully aware” of her capability as a leader.

The vice president made essentially the same statement last year in an interview with the Associated Press, saying that every vice president – herself included – has an understanding that there always is a possibility that they may be called upon to assume the role of president. In that interview, she also provided reassurances that “Joe Biden is going to be fine,” as she touted Biden’s “ability to understand issues” and his capability to make “smart and important decisions” behind the scenes.

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