Lady Viciously Assaulted While Leaving Work

( – While she attempted to leave work, an assailant attacked and kidnapped a Georgia woman, subjecting her to burns and cuts in a heinous assault that made national headlines.

Authorities haven’t disclosed the victim’s identity but did share information regarding the horrific crime and the events immediately following the incident. Despite sustaining severe injuries from the altercation with the assailant, the woman escaped from her attacker and received medical attention. The unnamed victim is currently in a Georgia hospital, and authorities are working on identifying her attacker.

The initial altercation occurred while the victim, a woman over 60 years old, left her workplace and began walking to her car. The assailant, whom police haven’t identified, approached the woman and ordered her to open her workplace’s entrance and let him enter the building. The victim reportedly refused her assailant’s demands, so he attacked her and attempted to kidnap her. After forcing her into her vehicle, the assailant ordered the victim to drive to a bank and withdraw her money. The suspect reportedly used a sharp object to cut the victim during the attack and burned her throughout the entire ordeal.

After robbing the woman, the assailant forced her to drive him back to her closed workplace for an unknown reason. At some point, the attacker stepped out of the victim’s vehicle, allowing her to drive to a local fire station and call out to the station’s employees for assistance. Although most of the station’s employees were asleep, the woman’s calls for help woke several firefighters, who quickly rushed to her aid. The firefighters called the police and used medical supplies to help the woman shortly after she arrived at the station. The failed kidnapping reportedly occurred over several hours.

Following the altercation, police began an investigation into the failed kidnapping and assault but haven’t released any information about potential suspects involved in the incident. The victim’s family cooperated with police to share information about the ordeal, but authorities aren’t entirely certain when the assault took place or where the suspect fled after the victim managed to escape. The incident occurred in DeKalb County, and police released a statement asking anyone with information regarding the crime to speak to detectives.

Although the woman suffered multiple cuts and burns throughout the harrowing ordeal, she’s currently in stable condition in a Georgia hospital. Authorities described her escape as a “miracle” and assured members of the public that an investigation is ongoing. Police also offered Georgia citizens a cash reward for any information that leads to an arrest.

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