Liz Cheney’s Net Worth Increased by Millions During 6 Year Term

Liz Cheney Net Worth Increased by Millions During 6 Year Term

( – Conservatives know Liz Cheney well known in the realm of politics. She served as the conference chair until party leadership removed her after January 6, 2021. The politician lost support after voting to impeach former President Donald Trump and heading up the January 6 Committee to investigate the events of that day. In August, her state voted her out, and she just completed her term in Congress. However, if the rumblings are true, she might have grown significantly wealthier during her six years in office.

On January 2, Breitbart reported Cheney’s wealth increased by an estimated $33 million during her stint in the House of Representatives. The publication said her net worth started at $7 million in 2017 and could now be as much as $44 million. The figures reportedly come from a Personal Finance Disclosure form she filed in 2020, which lists assets ranging from $10.4 to $44.1 million, though the total includes her husband, Philip Perry’s, equity ownership in Latham & Watkins law firm.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson brought this stunning information to light during an August broadcast. He said she didn’t report any gifts, transactions, or earned income that would explain these figures. The one thing Carlson did allude to is that Cheney has money from her family, and she does list in her disclosure statement that she holds a position in its trust. Still, the other positions, including her holding company membership and role as a trustee at the University of Wyoming, wouldn’t account for such figures.

So far, these are just rumors. There doesn’t seem to be any solid evidence she made $33 million during her time in Congress. However, if she had increased her wealth so significantly, don’t the people deserve to know how she managed such a feat?

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