Man Kills Ex and Wounds Himself with Knife in Front of Officers

( – Pennsylvania police recently responded to a domestic altercation in Lower Makefield Township, which culminated in the suspect stabbing himself in the neck with a knife in front of the responding officers. Authorities initially believed the call to be a burglary incident but quickly learned the call involved a man and his ex-girlfriend. The man allegedly stabbed his former girlfriend multiple times outside of someone’s house and attempted to flee the scene after officers arrived. During the foot chase, the suspect gave up and tried to kill himself by stabbing himself in the throat. The suspect survived the stabbing and is in police custody.

Police arrested 23-year-old Trevor Weigel for the altercation, which resulted in the death of 19-year-old Jaden Battista. Weigel and Battista knew one another and had a relationship at one point, which ended for undisclosed reasons. Battista reportedly called a friend the night of the murder and reported seeing Weigel. During the call, Weigel allegedly tackled the young woman and stabbed her at least 15 times. Battista’s friend, whose identity authorities haven’t disclosed, reported hearing the entire altercation but wasn’t sure about what exactly occurred.

After the attack, Battista’s phone abruptly hung up, ending the call between Battista and her friend. Battista’s friend attempted to contact the young woman multiple times, but after failing to reach the victim, she contacted local police. Police responded to the call promptly and expected a burglary as Battista’s friend explained how Weigel had attempted to force his way into Battista’s home during the incident. The police instead found Battista’s body and subsequently encountered Weigel shortly after that. Weigel tried to flee the scene, prompting a foot chase between the accused killer and the responding officers.

The responding officer who chased Weigel said the alleged murderer stabbed himself multiple times while running from the police and jumped over a nearby fence during his failed escape. Authorities then used a taser on the suspect and incapacitated him, arresting him for Battista’s murder, harassment, and burglary. Weigel is denied bail for the various crimes and will remain in police custody until his trial date or when he accepts a plea deal.

Police attempted to rescue Battista, as the victim hadn’t died upon officers’ arrival at the scene, but failed to prevent the young woman’s death. Details surrounding the heinous murder remain scarce, but authorities claim Weigel and Battista ended their relationship approximately two months before the violent incident. The two only dated for a few weeks, but Weigel allegedly harassed and followed Battista during the weeks before her death.

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