Missing Helicopter Found; 5 Marines Aboard, Search for Aircrew Ongoing

(DailyVantage.com) – Authorities recently located a missing United States military helicopter, which disappeared while transporting five United States Marines from Nevada to California. Although authorities recovered the aircraft, they’re still searching for the aircrew aboard the flight during its disappearance. The Marine Corps Air Station Miramar released a statement about the disappearance, confirming a widespread search is ongoing. Unfortunately, the search ended in tragedy with the confirmation that all five marines aboard were dead.

According to the statement from the Marine Corps, the helicopter first went missing after it left Creech Air Force Base. After being reported overdue for its arrival, the aircraft failed to arrive at Air Station Miramar, prompting a search for the missing aircraft. Authorities used search and rescue personnel, standard search parties, and various aircraft to find the missing aircrew. Local authorities also participated in the search, with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department coordinating efforts with state police and federal authorities.

Although the search utilized many resources, first responders requested more due to the poor weather conditions in the region. Authorities found the helicopter in Pine Valley, California, which is currently experiencing a winter storm and heavy snowfall. Immediately after the disappearance, the Marine Corps contacted local authorities to request a search, but the San Diego Sheriff’s Office had to call a search helicopter due to a storm in the area.

According to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the incident made national headlines and even caught the White House’s attention. Jean-Pierre said that White House staff briefed President Joe Biden about the disappearance and that the federal government is assisting in the search. John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, also said the White House is monitoring the situation “closely.”

The helicopter’s disappearance is the latest instance of a United States military aircraft abruptly crashing without explanation. A similar incident occurred two months before the helicopter incident when the United States Air Force Osprey crashed off Japan’s coast in December. A similar Osprey crash happened in August, which resulted in three deaths and approximately 20 injuries. Some lawmakers believe the increasingly common crashes are indicative of a declining military and cite a need for newer aircraft and increased funding to prevent further incidents.

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