Top RINO In TROUBLE – Conservatives POUNCE

( – Utah Senator Mitt Romney is facing a new challenger in his upcoming reelection bid, should he run again. The challenger in question is Mayor Trent Staggs, who has started criticizing Mitt Romney’s more moderate stance on key issues like mask mandates, and Mitt Romney’s decision to vote in favor of impeaching former US President Donald Trump. Staggs also accused Romney of voting in favor of “wokeness,” open borders, and policies that would push the nation even further into debt.

Staggs even referred to the fact that gas prices have risen dramatically over the past few years, a policy that he partially attributes to Mitt Romney’s moderate political voting. While Romney hasn’t confirmed that he intends to run for election again, he has filed the appropriate FEC paperwork to do so. Regardless, the winner of the Republican Primary in Utah is likely to win, as the state has a long history of being a Republican state.

Staggs is the current mayor of Riverton, and has occupied the position since 2017. Staggs also attempted to win the mayoral office of Salt Lake City, but failed, with Jenny Wilson taking the position in the 2020 race. Staggs took to Twitter to announce his intention to run for Senate, with a video that heavily criticized Mitt Romney and claims he has failed to fulfill promises he made to voters. Staggs also claims that Washington “is broken,” within the video. Whether or not Staggs will win the primary is uncertain, but he may not be the only potential challenger to Mitt Romney should he attempt to win reelection. 

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes is also considering running for Mitt Romney’s US Senate seat, although he has yet to confirm if he’ll follow through. People close to Reyes have said that he’d announce his bid sometime before the end of May, should he decide to run. Reyes is notable for supporting Trump during the controversial 2020 election scandal, and isn’t being considered a genuine challenger by Mitt Romney.

When asked about Reyes’ potential campaign, Mitt Romney reportedly laughed at the idea. Despite this, a former Trump White House official has stated that Reyes already has support in the US Senate.

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