New Survey Shows Donald Trump Ahead of Joe Biden

( – The upcoming presidential election in November is bound to be another closely contested race between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden. Case in point: A new national poll shows the former chief executive edging out the current occupant of the White House by a single point.

The survey, conducted by Emerson College, shows that 46% of voters favored Trump, while 45% preferred another four years of a Biden administration. However, Trump also scored a win over Biden among undecided voters, with a greater number saying that they were leaning closer toward another Trump presidency. When factoring in those undecided voters, support for Trump increased to 51%, while Biden’s rose to 49%.

In addition, Trump still took the lead – albeit a slim one – when factoring in third-party candidates, securing 43% support against Biden’s 42%. Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. managed to secure 8%, and other Independents running for president, namely academic and activist Cornell West and environmentalist Jill Stein, got 1% support each. The rest said that they were undecided.

Trump has also continued his strong showing in Republican states the Biden campaign was hoping to flip, banking on growing dissatisfaction with the former president. In fact, Biden’s campaign even released an ad attempting to woo supporters of Nikki Haley, the last holdout among Trump’s rivals for the Republican presidential nomination. Still, in states like Texas, Trump continues to be the preferred candidate, with a recent poll showing 49% of voters choosing him, while only 44% said they would go with Biden.

However, both candidates remain some of the most unpopular standard-bearers each party has seen in recent history. According to aggregate poll data from FiveThirtyEight, 55.1% of American voters disapprove of Biden. Trump follows not too far behind, with 52.8% of voters saying that they have an unfavorable view of him. In terms of approval stats, Biden has 39.2%, with Trump scoring a little higher with 42.4%

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