Pharmacists’ License Renewal Demands Training Targeting Straight White Males

( – Various citizens are criticizing a new policy from California’s pharmacy board, which requires pharmaceutical businesses to establish a new diversity-focused training program before they can receive a license renewal from state authorities. The training policy, in particular, focuses on people who identify as heterosexual, Christian, and white men specifically. According to a whistleblower with close ties to the new training policies, the diversity-focused program categorizes people in the aforementioned group as “privileged” individuals. The new training program also features lessons covering topics like critical race theory.

The whistleblower shared detailed information about the new training policy, including a portion of material that referred to a “dominant” demographic who possess more power than people of color or people who don’t identify as straight. Among the types of people considered included in the “dominant” class are white men, people who are wealthier than others, straight people, people who identify as their biological gender, and people who have some degree of higher education. The diversity-focused training material also explains different forms of oppression, which include questionable methods of oppression from the aforementioned dominant Americans.

The different forms of oppression listed in the training material include heterosexism, religion, ableism, ageism, and classism, among others. While the material lists the different forms of oppression, it fails to elaborate on how the various systemic oppression tools relate to the pharmaceutical business or the training process. The training also features lengthy lessons tied to the historical significance of colonization, as well as various lessons about racism and its effect on the broader United States.

The controversial training policy stems from a new California law, which Governor Gavin Newsom signed last September. The law became active on January 1st and requires members of the pharmaceutical industry to learn about patients who identify as members of the LGTBQ community, among other “less-privileged” groups. The policy allows California’s pharmacy board to deny license renewals to businesses that fail to include diversity-focused training, and it requires participating businesses to spend at least an hour on the training mentioned above in a course focusing on cultural topics.

The controversial bill also prevents California’s pharmacy board from providing license renewals without proof of completing the new training material. The policy stipulates that the business seeking renewal must complete the training and cultural course within two years before the renewal process. Due to the new policy, pharmaceutical companies failing to include the new training are ineligible to renew their business licenses.

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