RECORD Set – This One Has Biden SWEATING!

( – Robert Kennedy Jr. recently set a polling record, having the highest net favorability out of any candidate from either of the two major US political parties. Kennedy even scored higher than current President Joe Biden did, having a higher approval rating than the current Democratic favorite.

Kennedy holds a 49% favorability rating, with only 30% of respondents viewing him in a negative light, giving him a net favorability rating of approximately 19%. This is the highest that any of the candidates featured within the poll had, with Joe Biden only having a -7% and Donald Trump having an abysmal -10%. The poll was conducted by The Economist and YouGov, and compared various candidates’ approval and disapproval ratings to reach its results.

While the Democrats will likely keep Joe Biden as their nominee ahead of the 2024 election, Robert Kennedy Jr. seems to be gaining traction and could even end up debating the current president.

Kennedy isn’t just finding support among moderate Democrats, but even some national figures. One is Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, who famously supported Joe Biden during his first presidential campaign. It would seem as though Dorsey has changed stances, as he has now fully endorsed Kennedy and believes that the Democrat has a chance to secure the victory in 2024.

Dorsey noted that Kennedy does have an “edge,” presumably in reference to Kennedy’s controversial statements regarding vaccines. Despite this, Kennedy is finding some support amongst Democrats and Independents.

Despite Kennedy’s growing popularity, the Democratic Party has remained silent on the possibility of a debate among potential candidates. Such an event would be highly unusual, given how the current president is Democratic, but it would appear as though many Democratic voters want a primary debate between Kennedy and Biden.

According to a Suffolk University poll, eight in ten voters within the Democratic Party want there to be some debate between candidates. While the majority of progressives may want a debate, it seems all but certain that Joe Biden will be the 2024 Democratic Party candidate.

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