Rewrite The CONSTITUTION? Dems Secret Plot LEAKS

( – A staffer for Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman recently tried to flee from a guerilla journalist, after being questioned about comments he made regarding Fetterman’s stance on the 2nd Amendment and describing members of the media as puppets. The staffer in question is Luke Borwegen, who serves as a Special Assistant to Fetterman.

Borwegen was confronted after telling an undercover reporter that Fetterman would be okay with overturning the 2nd Amendment, and that Fetterman is purposely exclusive with interviews so as to control the content they produce. Jame O’Keefe was the guerilla reporter who confronted Borwegen, prompting Borwegen to quickly get up and flee rather than take responsibility for his concerning private comments. 


One of the more concerning comments made by Borwegen was that Fetterman would be “probably ok” with overturning the 2nd Amendment. Borwegen also mentioned how Fetterman purposely uses “access journalism,” in which reporters will agree to print anything so long as they get an interview with a particular subject. The comments are extremely concerning, but they’re not too surprising when considering Fetterman’s reputation for the past few months.

Fetterman has been faced with constant scrutiny from the public, for a multitude of reasons. One such reason is his ongoing recovery from a near fatal stroke, which sparked comments about Fetterman’s potentially declining mental capability. Since the stroke Fetterman is seen often stumbling and slurring his words in public appearances, and relies heavily on cue cards. 


It would seem that Fetterman is using access journalism in an effort to support his declining image. The Pennsylvania Democrat consistently makes the news for his lack of formal attire, as well as his ongoing battle with a clinical depression diagnosis. Fetterman has been constantly criticized for his refusal to adhere to the attire standards of his peers, and is often the focus of many critical articles regarding the Democratic Party. Despite these criticisms Fetterman seems adamant that he’ll remain in office, likely to help the Democrats maintain their control of the US Senate.

Fetterman will likely face even more scrutiny moving forward, due to Borwegen’s comments regarding Fetterman’s interactions with the media and his anti 2nd Amendment stance.

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