Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s Impressive Early Polling

( – Democratic Presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr has taken a, not inconsequential, 14% of previous Biden voters according to a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll

5 percent of voters said they would back author and spiritual guru Marianne Williamson in the Democratic primary, while 13% are still undecided. 

Kennedy will be officially announcing his long shot 2024 presidential bid on Wednesday. The venue for his announcement speech: Boston, Massachusetts. 

President Joe Biden, meanwhile, is still the favorite in the primary. Though his poll numbers have undoubtedly slipped a bit, he still enjoys a solid 67% of the vote according to the aforementioned poll. 

But, to be sure, Biden is struggling to retain previous support. Aside from the fact that Kennedy has already taken a 14-point sized chunk out of Biden’s base, voters are beginning to worry that the President’s age is catching up to him. He will be 81 years old by 2024, America’s oldest President by far. 

According to a Yahoo News/You Gov poll released in March, 68% of registered voters said that President Biden is “too old for another term”. About 5 in 10 Democrat voters even admitted this. 

In February, Republican strategist Sarah Longwell surveyed a panel of swing voters about the 2024 election. Biden’s advanced age was a recurring theme among the panelists. One participant said, “I hate to say it and sound like an ageist – his age is really getting up there.” Longwell has found that swing voters are “simply worried he is too old for another term.” 

It is unclear, though, whether Robert F. Kennedy Jr or Marianne Williamson will be able to court these swing voters in the primaries. 

And while Biden has said that he plans to run in 2024, he is yet to make an official announcement. 

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