Senate Dems Block Measure Against Taxpayer-Funded Flights for Immigrants

( – Senate Democrats unanimously voted in opposition to a spending bill amendment that would’ve prevented the federal government from using taxpayer money to transport illegal immigrants to various states throughout the United States, causing an uproar from members of the Republican Party. Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) is among the conservatives criticizing the Democratic Party for opposing the amendment and said that voting against the measure lacks an excuse and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Hagerty introduced the failed amendment to prevent the Biden administration from using taxes to pay for flights that would transport a large number of illegal immigrants from their native country to various cities and towns across the United States. This is a highly controversial policy that many Republicans believe is unconstitutional. Hagerty introduced the amendment after multiple media outlets released reports of the Biden administration paying for more than 300,000 illegal immigrants to fly from their countries directly into United States cities, allowing them to avoid border security. The White House reportedly used taxpayer funds to finance the clandestine flights, causing concerns amongst lawmakers that the Biden administration encouraged illegal immigration.

The White House reportedly paid for immigrants from countries like Haiti and Venezuela to travel into the United States as part of a “resettling” policy that allows for an easy transition into American life for illegal immigrants. The White House never addressed the highly controversial policy and seemingly transported the immigrants without lawmakers knowing until months after the fact. Reports indicate that the White House is still paying for flights, causing Republicans to demand an immediate end to the immigrant flight policy.

Hagerty’s amendment failed to gain a single Democratic Party member’s vote, but the Republican members of the Senate unanimously supported the amendment and voted in favor of Hagerty’s measure. The vote also concerned an effort to prevent a looming United States government shutdown, which narrowly passed after the voting deadline. Senators considered multiple Republican-proposed efforts, but none gained enough support to pass into law.

Hagerty took to social media to share information about his failed amendment and called out Democratic lawmakers for failing to support the measure. Hagerty also claimed Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York) purposely manipulates when his measures appear on the Senate floor to prevent them from receiving national coverage.

Hagerty’s recently proposed amendments reached the Senate floor after midnight, causing him to lose multiple votes and fail to gain national coverage. Despite the ongoing effort to prevent Hagerty’s legislation from passing into law, the senator remains adamant that he’ll hold the Biden administration accountable for the ongoing immigration crisis.

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