Troops DEPLOYED – Will It Be Enough To Stop Them?

( – Tensions in the South China Sea continue to grow as a U.S. guided-missile ship was deployed to South Korea to support South Korea after North Korea resumed missile tests. North Korea had “botched” these tests, media reports confirmed on June 18, and, at the time of this report, continues to pledge more missile tests. 

The U.S. has also continued its support of South Korea in helping the nation to develop navy technology, a report from Naval News confirmed.

The anxious atmosphere in the South China Sea surrounding North Korea’s recent activity follows increasing pressure by the Chinese regime on Taiwan. The Central Communist Party in China does not recognize Taiwan’s sovereignty, and instead refers to the area as “Chinese Taipei”.

The American government has been on high alert over Chinese regime activity following the sighting of a Chinese surveillance balloon over Montana earlier this year. The surveillance craft, called by reports a “Chinese spy balloon” had departed from Hainan Island, China, and floated over the Continental United States, before it was shot down in the Atlantic Ocean by United States Armed Forces.

These events led to increased political tensions. In the United States, the discovery of an intelligence balloon led to outrage. On June 18, President Biden was quoted by media reports as saying that the incident with the spy balloon was “embarrassing” for China, as the Chinese government leadership did not appear to know where the craft had floated. The President made these comments as he boarded a plane, ahead of State Secretary Antony Blinken’s meeting with Chinese regime leader Xi Jinping.

Meanwhile, Antony Blinken,  Xi Ping, and Chinese Ambassador Wang Yi, “pledged” to repair the broken ties between the United States and China during a series of  meetings in Beijing. Political analysts called these “baby steps” toward the two superpowers restoring their diplomatic relations. Media called this an effort to pave the path for President Biden to meet directly with Xi Ping. 

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