Trump 2.0 – 2024 Candidate Is Coming In HOT!

( – Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon had nothing but praise for Robert Kennedy Jr., the lead challenger for President Joe Biden in the Democratic 2024 primary. While he lamented the fact that Kennedy did not have the means to win the primary simply because Democrats would not vote for him, he told Americans to watch Kennedy’s development and noted that Kennedy Jr. reminded him of former President Donald Trump during his 2015 campaign.

The son of the former Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Kennedy Jr. is a controversial figure among Democrats. Media debates with the candidate have been heated” and left-leaning media personalities have questioned whether Kennedy Jr. is a Democrat at all.

Bannon called Kennedy Jr.’s views more similar to Trump’s within the “Venn Diagram” of overlapping views. Likewise, Bannon said that Kennedy Jr.’s views were more aligned with Trump-supportive Republicans than “Judas Pence.” Bannon was referring to former Vice President Mike Pence, who he and Trump supporters argue is a “Judas” to the Make America Great Again movement because he chose to certify the electoral college votes on January 6, 2021.

Bannon is a leader of the “Stop the Steal” movement and is a firm believer that the 2020 Presidential election was “rigged” and stolen away from former President Donald Trump. No official evidence has emerged to confirm Bannon’s views. Despite this, some members of the party have called for Pence’s execution for treason and regard him with hostility.

Kennedy Jr.’s political views and policies are radically different from many members of his party. It is Kennedy Jr.’s firm belief that a conspiracy within the “deep state” was responsible for the assassination of his uncle, the late former President John. F. Kennedy. Kennedy Jr. explained that his father, former Attorney General Robert Kennedy Sr., had believed “on first instinct” that the CIA had plotted JFK’s assassination.

In addition to his theory that JFK’s assassination was a conspiracy plot, Kennedy Jr. likewise has made controversial claims about the U.S. involvement in the war in Ukraine. He  stated on Twitter that, in March 2022, in the early hours of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett had been

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