Trump CONDEMNED – But Not To Jail?!

( – Former Attorney General Bill Barr recently appeared on CBS News’ Face the Nation, condemning former President Donald Trump’s conduct but clarifying he doesn’t like the idea of a former president spending time behind bars. Barr’s CBS appearance is the latest instance of the Trump era Attorney General making statements regarding his former boss, whom Barr has publicly called “narcissistic” and “absurd.”

Barr has been very open regarding the latest indictment against Trump, and has insisted that the federal charges are justified against him. Barr has also talked about his time under Trump, typically criticizing Trump’s policies and behavior. Barr’s most recent comments come as a surprise to many, given how openly critical of Trump he’s been in the past.

Barr didn’t just talk about Donald Trump, but the Republican Party as a whole. Barr released statements that called on Republicans to accept the “hard truths” about Donald Trump’s behavior and alleged criminality, noting that Trump’s indictment isn’t an instance of political persecution as many have previously claimed. Barr’s comments are likely a response to how many top Republicans have reacted to the news of Trump’s latest federal indictment, with many coming to the former president’s defense.

One such defender is Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, who blasted the Biden Administration following Trump’s indictment. While the federal charges against Trump raise questions as to whether or not he’ll be able to be actively involved in next year’s election, Trump himself doesn’t seem to be worried about the indictment’s effects on his presidential campaign.

The indictment against Trump levels seven different charges against the former president, part of more than thirty different offenses. Some of the charges include willful retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and scheme to conceal. The different charges have a maximum sentence that exceeds four hundred years, should Trump be found guilty and forced to serve his time consecutively rather than concurrently.

Despite this potential prison time, Trump remains optimistic about the upcoming election. Trump has also stated that even if he was found guilty and sentenced to time in prison, he will not be dropping out of the 2024 presidential election.

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