Trump Furious as House Republican Announces Early Retirement

( – Former President Donald Trump has unleashed yet another firestorm of harsh social media criticism against Republican lawmakers who have opted to resign or retire in recent months.

The latest among these GOP lawmakers was Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher, who announced that he would be stepping down from his seat in Congress effective April 19. The Wisconsin representative had previously announced that he would not be seeking re-election, but the timing of his sudden resignation is such that under Wisconsin law, his position in the House would remain vacant until January next year.

Just a few weeks ago, another House Republican, former Colorado representative Ken Buck, announced that he would be retiring and leaving his post in Congress before the end of his current term.

“Never forget our cowards and weaklings!” Trump raged on Truth Social, his self-owned social media platform. “Such a disgrace!” the former president added.

Once Gallagher leaves, Republican Louisiana Representative and Speaker of the House Mike Johnson will have to contend with having just 217 seats for the GOP, as opposed to the Democrats’ 213. This means that Johnson would need almost unanimous support within the GOP for bills that liberals disagree with. The position Speaker Johnson is in is also especially critical at the moment, as many within the party are starting to express dissatisfaction with the way the Republican speaker is wielding the gavel. In fact, firebrand Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene has filed a motion to remove Johnson as speaker. Greene has called the motion a “warning” for Johnson to shape up and step back from cooperating with Democrats.

The tirades against Gallagher and Buck reflect continued infighting among Republicans. With ultra-conservatives refusing to compromise with colleagues from across the aisle, more moderate members of the GOP have been pushed to garner support from Democrats to get important measures passed, much to the chagrin of the far right. However, bipartisanship has managed to get critical bills passed, such as the federal fiscal budget for 2024.

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