Trump Intel Official Reveals Trans Agenda in CIA

( – One of former President Donald Trump’s intelligence officials recently revealed an ongoing agenda within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which he claimed focuses on the concept of gender politics, specifically gender identity. According to Cliff Sims, the CIA has started using transgender-focused propaganda within its facilities, including new posters and artwork depicting transgender people. Sims also referred to the CIA diversity office, which he claims focuses heavily on transgender ideology when recruiting new intelligence officials.

Sims exposed the newly implemented propaganda in a book detailing his time as Trump’s deputy director of national intelligence, which features numerous anecdotes about Sims’ time in the CIA. In his book, Sims highlights his first encounter with transgender-oriented artwork and posters, which he claims occurred during the first time he entered a CIA facility. According to Sims, the CIA building had numerous posters and signs on the walls featuring a political message relating to transgender topics. Sims also shared his surprise that even the building’s cafeteria featured the aforementioned posters and artwork.

While discussing the recent increase in the CIA’s diversity efforts, Sims claimed that the CIA uses diverse hiring practices to employ operatives that could blend in or provide insight into other regions across the planet. Despite this, Sims believes the CIA’s focus on transgender issues could be political rather than a standard agency policy. Sims said that the CIA focuses on gender identity and political movements to limit certain coworkers and prevent them from speaking about their political or religious beliefs.

According to Sims, government agencies increased their focus on gender identity over the past few years to create a more liberal workplace. Sims referred to how various government agencies, including the CIA, began asking employees about their preferred pronouns and featuring them in emails between employees. Sims also accused the CIA and other government officials of pushing employees to use the same bathrooms to appear more inclusive. Amongst the most severe accusations leveled by Sims is a government policy to limit Christians’ free speech through increased focus on controversial subjects like gender ideology.

Sims offered American Christians advice on avoiding discussing controversial political topics with coworkers and maintaining professionalism without sacrificing personal liberty. According to Sims, Christians should empathize with coworkers who struggle with gender identity, but they shouldn’t wholly forsake their own beliefs to appease another person. Sims also said that Christians should focus on their own lives by getting married and starting their own families, which he claims liberal lawmakers avidly oppose.

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