Trump Labeled “Weak and Desperate” by Biden-Harris Campaign

( – According to a new statement from the Biden-Harris presidential campaign, former President Donald Trump is “weak and desperate” and incapable of holding public office. The statement criticized Trump and claimed that the former president isn’t a good person and that the American public deserves a better presidential candidate. After the statement quickly went viral, the Republican National Committee took to social media to share a similar post targeting President Joe Biden.

The RNC shared the post on its X, formerly Twitter, account, which featured a clip of President Biden’s infamous gaffes. In the RNC’s video post, Biden walked around while looking confused, indicating that he needed clarification on where he should go or what to say. The RNC also added a caption to the video, claiming that despite the Biden-Harris campaign’s attempt at mocking Trump, Biden can’t serve another term as the United States president. The RNC called Biden “old” and “feeble” and added humorous music to the 13-second clip.

The Biden-Harris campaign’s post immediately received backlash from online commenters, who felt the statement regarding Trump wasn’t appropriate for a national presidential candidate. The post featured multiple personal insults aimed at Trump, along with accusations of criminality, and claimed that Trump could not be allowed to win the 2024 presidential election. The social media post also claimed that Trump rarely leaves his country club and that the former president is more concerned with remaining comfortable than actively campaigning for the 2024 election.

Various lawmakers defended the Biden-Harris campaign’s post, claiming that the president’s team used accurate information to discredit Trump. Among the officials defending the controversial statement is Ted Lieu (D-California), who said the Biden-Harris campaign used the post to expose Trump for his apathy regarding the United States citizenry. Lieu also called Trump a “con artist” in his response to the social media post. Liz Cheney, a former Republican lawmakers, also defended the post and accused Trump of abandoning longstanding Republican beliefs rooted in former President Abraham Lincoln and former President Ronald Reagan’s administrations.

The Biden-Harris team’s statement renewed conversations about both Biden and Trump’s age, as many Americans feel that both candidates are too old to return to public office. Biden is 81 years old and the oldest serving president in American history. Trump is 77 years old, making him one of the oldest presidential candidates in United States history. Despite both candidates’ ages, the two controversial figures are set to face off in the presidential election later this year.

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