Americans FINALLY Disrupt This Source – It Took Long Enough!

( – A troubling new survey released by Gallup and the Knight Foundation on Wednesday paints a gloomy picture of American media. According to the survey, a measly 26% of respondents claimed to have a favorable view of the national news. A whopping 53% of respondents, however, retain an unfavorable opinion.

This development probably comes as no surprise. Americans now live in the “fake news” era where the media they consume is usually catered towards their own political preferences and biases. 

This survey confirms this point. Many participants said that they have little trust that the news media is truthful in their coverage. Furthermore, most people felt as though the media didn’t care about their viewers. 52% felt as though the media was indifferent towards the viewers’ best interest. 

Distrust is the overwhelming theme of this survey. According to the survey’s findings, it is the younger generation that holds a more negative view of the news media. “…the youngest generations of Americans are the highest consumers of online news and report the lowest emotional trust in national news organizations.” 

Moreover, it tends to be Republicans, rather than Democrats, who hold these negative views. It was, in fact, former President Donald Trump who lambasted the mainstream media, calling them “fake news” and “the enemy of the people”. Trump routinely called out the media for attempting to derail his presidency and his MAGA agenda. 

While the survey does mention Republican distrust in the media, it does not document Trump’s almost certain impact on how right-leaning Americans perceive the news. This is surprising being that distrust in the media became the theme of Trump’s 2016 and 2020 runs. 

It is likely that Trump, who has ditched Twitter for his new Truth Social app, will continue to harp on the media throughout the course of his 2024 campaign. Just take a look at his Truth page and you will find that it is replete with anti-media slander. 

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