Tim Scott Vows to Solve Border Problem if Elected President

(DailyVantage.com) – Republican Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina said during an interview with Fox News that he will complete former President Donald Trump’s border wall if elected president in 2024. Scott said he understands how crucial protecting the U.S.-Mexico border is to the safety of Americans and believes Washington, D.C., is “out of touch” with the rest of the nation.

Scott referenced the more than 70,000 American deaths caused by fentanyl-related incidents over the past year. These drugs, along with thousands of people each day, are invading the U.S. by crossing the unsecured southern border. Scott’s solution is to finish the wall and close the border.

He also intends to allocate $5 billion in funds for modern military-grade technology to be utilized as a safeguard at the southern border. According to Scott, the border crisis is a straight-forward issue, and the solution is clear: complete the wall and defend it with available technology. The S.C. Senator claims the U.S. only needs a decisive president willing to address the problem. He vows to use construction material funded by the Trump administration to finish constructing the wall and has bashed President Joe Biden for selling the supplies.

Scott continued to commend Texas Governor Greg Abbott for sending busloads of migrants to blue cities when Texas became inundated with migrants, exhausting the state’s resources. Scott told Fox News he believes Abbott’s solution is a way to help blue cities understand, first-hand, the reality of the situation.

Sen. Scott emphasized the distrust Americans have for Washington politicians. He says the system is broken and change is needed to restore faith in government. When discussing the disconnect between Washington and Americans, Scott used the southern colloquialism “bless your heart”, meaning folks in Washington, “just don’t get it”.

Scott is trailing behind Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the Republican presidential primary, with only Trump and DeSantis consistently polling in the double digits.

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