Biden ACCIDENTALLY Reveals What Ex-President Requested!

( – US President Joe Biden revealed on March 13, 2023 that 39th President Jimmy Carter — whose health has been in rapid decline — has asked him to deliver his funeral eulogy after he passes.

During a speech at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Santa Fe, California, Biden said that he had spent time with Carter, whose health had “finally caught up with him.” Biden then revealed that Carter had requested the sitting president to deliver his eulogy.

After making the remark, Biden quickly added that he shouldn’t have said it — indicating that the plans were confidential and shouldn’t have been made public so soon.

Biden is no stranger to gaffes, and has frequently said things that he didn’t mean to say/Most famously, in 2019, Biden remarked that “poor kids” were just as talented as “white kids.”

Carter — the oldest living former US president at age 98 — has been admitted to hospitals several times over the past few years. Things took a more serious turn on February 18, 2023, however, when the Carter Center announced that after recent series of hospital admissions, Carter had opted to live his “remaining time” at home and not receive medical intervention.

The statement has led many to believe that Carter’s death is imminent.

Biden sent his love and prayers to Carter’s family following the Carter Center’s announcement and called on God to grant him peace. The two presidents have been associates since 1976, when Biden became the first senator to endorse Carter’s presidential campaign. Carter went on to win the election and become the 39th president of the United States, before losing his reelection campaign in 1980 to Republican candidate Ronald Reagan.

Despite attending every presidential inauguration since his defeat in 1980, Carter was unable to attend Biden’s inauguration in 2020, presumably due to health issues. The two, however, reportedly spoke on the phone the night before.

According to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the last time Biden and Carter met each other in person was in April 2021.

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