Biden Blames Trump for Ongoing Border Insecurity

( – President Joe Biden has continued his criticism of former president Donald Trump, now blaming his predecessor for the issues the U.S. is facing along its border, particularly the one it shares with Mexico in the south.

According to the president, Trump refuses to back the solution to the border crisis because he “thinks it’s bad for him politically,” Biden said. He also accused the former chief executive of “weaponizing” the issue and “threatening” and “intimidating” Republicans in the Senate and Congress to vote against legislation aimed at addressing the border issue.

“And looks like they’re caving,” Biden said of GOP lawmakers.

Biden’s new tirade against Trump comes on the heels of the failure of a bipartisan bill from the Senate that included new provisions on border security, as well as aid packages for both Israel and Ukraine. A number of Republicans opted to work with their Democratic counterparts to come up with the bill’s provisions. However, many others in the Senate GOP said that they felt that the provisions on border security were still inadequate to address the crisis the U.S. is facing in its southern border.

While Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell pushed for the bill’s passage, only four Senate Republicans voted for the measure, with even McConnell himself eventually abandoning the legislation he helped craft. The bill also proved to be equally unpopular with House Republicans, with House Speaker Mike Johnson saying that the measure would be considereddead on arrival” in Congress.

Previously, Biden and his administration had denied that there was any sort of crisis on the southern border, despite the fact that several “sanctuary cities” such as New York, Denver, and Chicago have been buckling under the weight of having to support the thousands of migrants they have taken in. All three cities have also repeatedly petitioned the federal government for aid.

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