Child Killer’s Release Depends on Governor’s Decision

( – Unless California Governor Gavin Newsom intervenes, a convicted child killer – one who beat a three-year-old boy to a pulp, eventually killing him – will walk free.

In 2002, Patrick Goodman was found guilty of second-degree murder for killing Elijah Sanderson, the three-year-old son of his girlfriend at the time. The brutal slaying, which occurred in 2000, was sparked when the boy let the family dog into the house, angering Goodman, who beat the boy to his death as a result. Goodman also initially lied to law enforcement, saying that it was his girlfriend who killed the boy. He later admitted to lying to “get the attention off of me,” he stated.

An autopsy of Elijah revealed more than 50 bruises on his tiny body. The beating also broke the toddler’s neck and ribs, and severed both his bowel and renal artery.

The decision of the parole board comes despite assurances given when he was sentenced that Goodman would never step out of prison again. His sentence was 25 years to life imprisonment.

Prosecutors present at the parole hearing were vehemently opposed to Goodman’s release, saying that the killer was “still in denial” about the gravity of his crime.

Victoria Murray-Baldocchi, the Assistant District Attorney for San Francisco, said that Goodman robbed a “baby child of a fourth birthday.” Brooke Jenkins, the District Attorney for San Francisco, stated that while there comes a time for some convicted individuals to reintegrate and become productive members of society, they do not have “faith and trust” that Goodman is ready for that at the moment. In addition, Jenkins said that they believe Goodman “poses a significant public safety risk.”

Jenkins’ office has written a letter to the California governor, asking that Newsom reverse the decision of the parole board. There is precedent for this, as Newsom has reversed eight paroles last year and 21 paroles in the year before that.

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