Democrats Have A NEW WEAPON For Elections!

( – Since Roe v. Wade was overturned with the Dobbs v. Jackson decision in 2022, Democrats have been laser focused on the issue of abortion. Republicans, they argue, want to limit a woman’s reproductive autonomy by imposing restrictive abortion bans across the country.

According to a Pew poll released in June of 2022, 61% of Americans say “abortion should be legal in all or most cases.” With the majority of the country in support of a woman’s right to choose, Democrats feel it would be prudent to campaign on the issue. 

Joe Zepecki, a Democratic strategist from the state of Wisconsin, told The Hill that “if you’re looking for canaries in a coal mine, we don’t have to squint to see this in the same way that we undervalued, perhaps, the role that the Dobbs decision was going to play in the 2022 midterms.” 

For Zepecki, it would be wise for Democrats to harp on abortion and nail Republicans for implementing such restrictive measures. 

Zepecki also references last month’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election as a case-in-point for the salience of the abortion issue. With abortion rights hanging in the balance, Wisconsin Democrats turned out in unprecedented numbers. Ultimately, liberals got their way. With their triumph in February, Democrats have a real opportunity to retake the Supreme Court, thus blocking restrictive abortion bans. 

Some on the right, however, think it would be wise for Republicans to run on a pro-life platform. Noah Brandt, V.P. of communications at Live Action, stated that “if done right, it’ll be a motivating and winning issue for Republicans,” 

The numbers, however, tell a different story. To reference the aforementioned Pew survey again, only 4-in-10 voters thought overturning Roe was the right decision.

Jack Buckby, a conservative author and entrepreneur, tweeted that Republicans would stand a better chance of winning elections if they adopted a “more moderate position on abortion.”

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