Failing FAST – Top Dem On The BRINK!

( – Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania John Fetterman’s approval rating has been declining for months following his stroke and numerous public health issues that started last year. Quinnipiac conducted a poll regarding the Pennsylvania politician, in which over half of his voters have indicated they disapprove of his performance, with only thirty-nine percent stating they approve of how he has performed throughout 2023. 

Fetterman’s approval rating is comparable to President Joe Biden’s, who sports an abysmal disapproval rating of fifty-seven percent. Fetterman is still doing slightly better than Biden in his home state but is the worst-performing politician within the state. Fetterman’s declining approval rating could be related to various factors, such as his poor performance during public appearances and his outspoken battle with mental health issues.

Fetterman even took a leave of absence from the Senate earlier this year, to seek treatment for clinical depression, in a widely publicized controversy. Fetterman has been open about his ongoing battle with depression and has even used his mental health as an excuse when questioned about why he ignores the formal dress code that senators typically adhere to. Fetterman can often be seen in gym shorts and hoodies during his public appearances, standing alongside his formally dressed peers. While many feel as though Fetterman’s lackluster attire is unprofessional, he has claimed it helps him in his ongoing battle with depression. Fetterman wasn’t just battling depression, as he also suffered a near-fatal stroke just last year.

Fetterman recovered from his stroke, but his public appearances have indicated that he still isn’t entirely healthy. Fetterman can often be seen relying on cue cards, stuttering during speeches, and losing his train of thought. Due to these very public mishaps, many voters feel Fetterman can’t actively fulfill his duties as a senator. Despite these growing doubts, Fetterman has remained adamant he will remain in office, and that he’s perfectly capable of serving the state of Pennsylvania. Fetterman may seem confident in his ability to hold his office, but voters from his state clearly disagree. Fetterman is the least popular of Pennsylvania’s two senators, with his approval ratings in constant decline for months on end. 

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