Fani Willis Discusses Race Despite Judge’s ‘Race Card’ Criticism

( – Despite Judge Scott McAfee criticizing her prior discussions regarding race, Fani Willis recently began talking about race and how it affects her as a legal official. Willis, who serves as a district attorney for Fulton County, Georgia, has faced numerous scandals related to former President Donald Trump’s election interference case. Willis deflected the various scandals regarding her ongoing attempt to prosecute Trump by claiming it partially stemmed from racism, a claim refuted by McAfee, who said Willis acted improperly.

While Willis said that people used her race to justify their criticisms of her ongoing case against Trump, the various scandals surrounding her stemmed from an affair she had with her fellow attorney, Nathan Wade. Willis appointed Wade as a special prosecutor in her case against Trump. This immediately drew increased scrutiny due to concerns that she allowed her romantic partner to benefit from taxpayer money. Willis also allegedly benefitted from Wade’s appointment, forcing McAfee to consider a recusal for the controversial district attorney.

Despite the controversy surrounding her relationship with Wade, McAfee allowed Willis to remain involved in the ongoing case against Trump, claiming there wouldn’t be a substantial conflict of interest if Wade resigned from the legal case. Wade resigned shortly after that, and Willis shared a public statement about the ongoing scandal during a speech, where she claimed that people were only concerned about her involvement with Wade because both of them were black. While Willis didn’t explicitly accuse anyone of racism, she heavily implied that she was referring to Trump and his legal team.

McAfee quickly responded to the speech online, claiming that Willis shouldn’t have discussed racially charged topics. According to McAfee, Willis’s decision to include accusations of racism when talking about the legal case could inflame the public and further complicate her attempt to charge Trump with a crime. Willis seemed especially angry that Trump’s legal team filed paperwork about the apparent conflict of interest. While McAfee seemed concerned about Willis’s controversial speech, he also criticized her for her conduct while working on the criminal case.

McAfee said that Willis showed a lack of professionalism by appointing Wade as special counsel and lying about her relationship with Wade during her testimony before the court. Willis maintains that she didn’t benefit from Wade’s appointment and that there isn’t a conflict of interest in her ongoing effort to prosecute former President Donald Trump. While Willis remains on the criminal case, McAfee could remove her if she continues to associate controversial topics like racism with the ongoing legal effort.

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