George Santos Challenger Is An Unexpected One

( – On Monday, Kellen Curry, an Afghanistan war veteran, announced that he would be challenging embattled Congressman George Santos (R-NY) in the Republican Primaries in 2024. 

Santos, who has been kicked off of his two Congressional committee assignments after admitting to “embellishing” his resume back in December of 2022, has faced a slew of calls to resign from his seat in New York’s 3rd Congressional district. 

Knowing that Santos, who’s time in Congress has been marred by controversy after controversy, would struggle to win reelection in 2024, it was only a matter of time before Republicans would run a candidate who stood more of a chance in a general election. 

Curry wasted no time attacking Santos for his fraudulent resume in his campaign announcement: “The audacity of the lies Santos has told seems to move everyone to ask: how do people like George Santos get elected?” 

Santos himself acknowledges that he stretched the truth on his resume. In some instances, he didn’t just embellish; he outright fabricated aspects of his life. 

The freshman Congressman notably lied about being Jewish and having Holocaust survivors in his family, coming clean that he was actually only Jew-ish. This elicited a firestorm of backlash from prominent Jewish groups that were outraged by Santos’s co-opting of their identity. 

What’s more, Santos has lied about his past employment as well as his educational background. New York University, where he claimed to have graduated from, had no record of him as a student. 

As of now, though, it isn’t certain whether Santos will even seek re-election. He may very well opt instead to pass on the torch to Curry or another Republican candidate.

Santos recently appeared at a pro-Trump rally in New York City in the wake of the former President’s indictment by a Manhattan grand jury.  

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